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Should you wear Warm or Cool Colors

                                                             article by Esther Steinberg

                   Should You Wear  Warm or Cool Colors?

         Do you look better in cool or warm shades? Deciphering this mystery is not as complicated as some articles would have you believe.I recently came across an article about ‘color and looks’ which a friend sent to me. The writer admitted that she knew nothing about warm and cool skin tones before she became an image consultant. Well, I hate to say this, but after reading the two-page article, I realized that if I didn’t know what ‘cool and warm’ skin tones were before I read her article, I still would not know after reading it...

         So, it occurred to me that I haven’t dealt with this topic in my column yet, and that it might be a good idea if I did write about the subject in a simple and easy way to demystify the entire color concept. Therefore, I will not discuss melatonin, hemoglobin, color wheels, your skin color, your nationality, race or age. It is much simpler than that!
So here’s my tip for this issue:

         If you look your best in pink, silver and black, you will look your best in cool colors, including blues, blue-greens, and reds that have a blue tinge to them. Any color with a blue undertone should look good on you, including some browns that look more like an aubergine.

         If you look better in orange, gold and brown, you will look your best in warm colors, including orange/red, olive/green and beige. Any color with yellow undertones should look good on you.

         Very few people can actually look good in both warm and cool colors. If you do, it’s great! You are one of the lucky few.

         To reassure yourself that you are wearing the right color for your skin tone, go to any fabric store and buy six pieces of 1 ft. long, solid color, material. The colors to buy are pink, orange, gold, silver, brown and black. Once at home, place a swatch of fabric across your shoulder next to your face and look in the mirror. Now choose three colors that look best on you. Choose between pink and orange, silver and gold, and black and brown. Voila! Most of you will now know if you look best in cool (pink, silver and black) or warm (orange, gold and brown) shades.

         Knowing which colors look best on you will make shopping for clothes, makeup and even jewelry a breeze. You will never again have to rely on someone else’s opinion.

         Learn the rules, believe in yourself, have fun and happy shopping. Oh…one more tip: Black looks great on almost everyone!

After working across Europe and the Middle East as a foreign correspondent, Esther Steinberg decided to embark on her passion of enhancing lives through beauty. She trained at Edith Seree Academy to become certified at psychofigurism, aesthetics & micro pigmentation. She is involved in the development of leading edge skin care products. Her practice includes working with top international doctors. You can visit her at: www.facesbyeskala.com You can email Esther at: esther@eskala.com.
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